Children Kart

Size: 162* 85 * 63 CM
Speed: adjustable from 5 kilometers to 18 kilometers (per hour)
Battery: 48V 6ah Motor: 350W 54V
Applicable groups: 7-16 years old (height 1200 ~ 1800mm) adjustable
Battery life: 50 kilometers or 2 hours
Turning radius: ≧ 3
Start method: scan code / remote control / WeChat payment / coin
Operating time: 1 minute to 30 minutes adjustable
Weight: 70KG





















Intelligent lighting sound effects
Intelligent control system
Low threshold, low risk, high profit, quick payback





















The  battery has a strong battery life, and there is no need to worry about  the lack of battery life in the middle of a full charge to affect the  business. The failure rate is low, the maintenance is convenient, and  the bumper car can be remotely and wirelessly started, which can be  saved by a dedicated person.





























Adjustable  time mode, adjustable speed, time, flashing light, return trip, volume,  acceleration and deceleration battery power display, time countdown,electronic accelerator pedal, emergency stop with loose feet, obvious braking effect, hardware pedal is more durable.

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