Indoor Arcade Games Deadstorm Pirates

Indoor Arcade Games Deadstorm Pirates Shooting gun game machine


Deadstorm Pirates is a very hot popular games in children,if you start the game,you will fall in love with it.


1. Classic gun shooting machine, experience with fighting
2. Easy to play, popular with all age player
3. 2 guns for 2 players cooperate to shoot the Aliens and monsters;
4. When you fire,the guns will feel like the real gun,and will shock with your actions;
5. High definition monitor gives you the excited Visual Experience;
6. Stereo sound system attracts your ears.


Product name Game Center Indoor Arcade Games Deadstorm Pirates Shooting gun game machine for sale
MOQ 1 set
Voltage 220V
Power 450W
Weight 360KG
Warranty 12 months Warranty and life time technology support
Size L190*W260*H213 CM
Place of origin Guangzhou, China
Player 1-2 player
How to play 1. Insert coin .and select your gun, then press START button ,select STORY mode, you can play from the beginning;or select CHAPTER mode, you can select customs.
2. Shoot the aliens with gun.
3. Don’t shoot your soldier; it will decrease your health.
4. Shoot the weapon box and medical kit, pay attention to some special weapons and fuel of flamethrower.
5. When the game is about to end, there will be a countdown timer on the screen.
6. To continue, you need to insert coin and press START button.

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