New Arrival Human Claw Machine

New Arrival Human Claw Machine Gameplay:

1. Players put on safety gear, helmet, gloves and start the game.

2 The staff or another player operates the start button on the console to start the machine, the left joystick controls the lateral movement of the motor, and the right joystick controls the up and down movement.

3 In automatic mode, you only need the left joystick to control the lateral movement of the motor, and the button to control one-key automatic lifting, staying at the bottom for two seconds (the time can be adjusted). When the player descends to the grasping area, the doll can be picked up by the glove, and the doll can be taken away by grabbing it.

Specific difficulty adjustment methods:

1 .Adjust the game time.

2 .Use gloves, eye masks, etc. to increase the difficulty of the game.

3 .Increase the number of ocean balls and reduce the number of dolls. The ocean balls can be exchanged for favorite gifts in the form of points. (Ocean balls are not easy to grab with gloves)

4 .Directly replace the doll with a big gashapon, which can be filled with various points coupons or doll redemption coupons.

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