Amusement Park Equipment Coin Operated Kiddie Rides / Swing Game Machine

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Amusement Park Equipment Kiddy Rides Coin Operated Swing Game Machine


1.working process is superior

2.high-grade lacquer,far better than ordinary paint.uneasy color fading even under the blazing sun for long time insolation

3.High-grade FRP,uneasy fractured,more durable.

4.attractive design,appears delicate,elegant and cartoon.

5.OEM are available


* Tourist attractions
* All kinds of Club, including private company club and racking club
* Star hotels
* Movie theater,home theater
* Arcade
* Auto show
* Supermarket
* Science promotion activities and so on

Play Guildance

1.coin number can be adjusted from 0-10,also can set on free-play for home or non profit use
2.playtime can be adjusted from 0-15 minutes
3.latest double chain design against crack
4.highpower controller,more durable.
5.bright color,abrasion resistant,meet export standards.
6.double control:use coin or romote cotrol.

Product Details

Product Item Amusement Park Equipment Kiddy Rides Coin Operated Swing Game Machine
Design Fashion And Atttractive
Material Hardware, plastic, wood
Size W1800mm * D800mm * H1600mm
Power 1050W
Voltage 220V
Weight 150KG
Packing Bubble Pack + Well Paper + Stretch Films + Strong Wood Frame
Payment L/C , T/T , Western Union , MoneyGram , Cash
Warranty 1year
Player 1-3 Player
Certificate CE Certificate

How to maintance your machines

1. Keep the room clean , clean the surface of game machine with a dry, soft tool.
2. Avoid sun shine the game machine straightly with a long time, keep all the machine drying.
3. Checked machine lines various spare parts and every day, detected the problems in time, prepared to work next day.
4. If you don’t need the game machine, to be packaged it well to place. Avoid the machine is damp and aging, please
open the machine to run 30 minutes in every two weeks.

Game Machine Pictures:


video arcade

shooting experience machine

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