Colorful Paradise roulettel like lollipop candy game vending machine

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Colorful Paradise roulettel like lollipop candy game vending machine


1. New attractive design;
2. High material with metal + plastic ;
3. Coin operated game , easy to manipulate;
4. Cool light and creative design ;
5. Lollipop,candy and suitable size balls as gift,more choices.
6. Stable system , winning rate can be adjusted.

Product Details

Product name Amusement Arcades Ball Shooting Game Machine Named Super Lollipop
MOQ 1 set
Voltage 220V
Weight 45KG
Warranty 12 months Warranty and life time technology support
Size L65*W68*H122 CM
Place of origin Guangzhou, China
Player 1-2 player
use place
shopping center,amusement park ,supermarket,indoor playground,etc

 How to play:

1.Insert the coin ,then press the button to start the game.

2.When the big turntable start spin,u can see which number u want to stop.

3.Press the button to let the pointer stop.the pointer pointed number is your lucky score.

4.After finished the game,u will got responding lollipop based on the score.



* Tourist attractions
* Supermarket
* Star hotels
* Science promotion activities and so on
* Arcade
* Auto show
* All kinds of Club , including private company club and racking club
* Movie theater , home theater

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