Double Grass Ski EPARK flying magic carpet VR simulator

flying magic carpet/interactive game machine/vr experience cinema/coin-operated machine


Double Grass Ski EPARK flying magic carpet vr simulator

We are a China amusement park and video arcade machine supplier.Today I would like to introduce a VR simulator .Support wholesome and retails.



VR Grass skiing is a vr experience project.Adopted  Multiple ways such as
vr grasses + 3DOF cockpit,this project can  make players have fun
with sense of reality in vr grass skiing. Vr Grass Skiing has 3 kind of games for player.
Players can feel the innervation,for example, the speed of wind in gaming,
and still can enjoy the natural scenery.


Product parameters:


Platform Size 2*1.2*1.6M
Skate size 1.5*1.2*1.2M
Power 2.5KW/10A
Transmission 3
Front and behind rotation angle 30°
Left and right rotation angle 30°
Front and behind rotational speed 25°/sec
Left and right rotational speed 25°/sec
Up and down margin 400mm
Up and down speed 250mm/sec
Horizontal choose speed 10°/sec
Maximum load 350KG
electric cylinders



virtual reality

vr simulator

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