Pinball Machine

Know More About Pinball Machine

The pinball machine is an entertainment machine that can be used for single-player games. Players can use joysticks and buttons to operate the machine, keeping the ball on the machine for as long as possible and attacking targets on the machine.

The Pinball machine usually consists of a vertically placed game area and some consoles. Players control the direction and force of the ball's movement by pressing the joystick, and can also use buttons to control other functions on the machine, such as launching pinballs and opening special task boards.

This type of machine usually has various themes, such as movies, games, or music, each with its own unique game elements, animations, and sounds. Pinball machines are not only a pleasure but also a collectible. Many people collect Pinball machines with different themes and carry out repairs and renovations.

Pinball Machine

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Happy Motorcycle
weight:25kg size:85*51*96cm Power:80W
boxing arcade machine
Basketball machine
adult basketball machine
inflatable bumper car
Size: 155*154*130cm Maximum load: 150kg Weight: 100kg Motor: 120W*2 Battery: 45A*2 Maximum running speed: <2 m/s
Plug Type
EU Plug EU Plug  US PLUG  US PLUG UK Plug  AU Plug 
1 Player 3 Players 7 Players  12 Players 6 Players 2 Players  5 Players 4 Players single
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