VR Racing Car

VR Racing Car is a racing game developed based on virtual reality technology. Its characteristics include:

1. Featuring realistic 3D graphics and sound effects, players can experience an immersive racing scene.

2. Support multiple different vehicle and track options, allowing players to match based on their personal interests and skills, and continuously upgrade and improve their vehicles to achieve better results.

3. Support online multiplayer dueling function, allowing players to compete with global competitors to improve their rankings and skills.

4. Support for controllers, VR head displays, and other control devices, allowing players to choose the best way to control the racing car.


The gameplay of VR Racing Car is simple and clear, and players only need to choose their favorite vehicle and track to start the game. In the game, players need to use control devices to operate the racing car and must surpass other competitors as much as possible to win while ensuring speed and stability. Players can unlock higher-level vehicles and more challenging tracks by constantly participating in competitions and achieving better rankings. In online battles, players need to compete with other players and compete for rankings in order to check their skill levels. In short, VR Racing Car is a challenging game that can provide players with unlimited fun and various exciting racing experiences.

VR Racing Car

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Plug Type
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1 Player 3 Players 7 Players  12 Players 6 Players 2 Players  5 Players 4 Players single
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