2024 Canton Fair, New Show

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Update time : 2024-04-17 11:24:22
This April, we embarked on an exciting journey to the 2024 Canton Fair in China. April 15-19, this event marks a major milestone for our team and our innovative gaming products.

As one of the exhibitors, we showcased five of our most popular games: Dazzling Hockey Table, and Super Speed Racing. These games, each unique in their appeal, attracted a wide range of visitors and demonstrated our commitment to pushing the boundaries of gaming technology and entertainment.
Our booth was staffed by our most professional sales representatives and technical staff, who provided excellent reception services and detailed introductions to our products. Their expertise and passion play a key role in conveying the unique features and immersive experiences our games offer.

A highlight of the show was the opportunity to reconnect with many long-standing customers and introduce our products to over 200 new customers. These interactions strengthen existing relationships and open new avenues for collaboration and growth.

The Canton Fair has already entered its third day. Interested customers are welcome to visit our booth and take a tour of our factory. We are excited to showcase our products and capabilities to potential clients. We believe that a visit to our exhibition booth and factory will provide a comprehensive understanding of our offerings and production processes. We look forward to connecting with you at the fair and discussing potential collaboration.

More details at our website:https://eparkentertainment.com/

Address: 120 Donghuan Road, Shiqiao, Panyu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China 511400

Phone/WhatsApp: +86 139 2219 5859

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EPARKamusementgamesmanufacturer/

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