New Products Ball Thrower Bowling Machine

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Update time : 2023-06-05 19:43:39
EPARK new bowling arcade machine,there are 3 styles of this machine,single player,double players and the three players bowling machine.
New luxury hardware appearance design, gorgeous lighting, high-end atmosphere and upscale! The gameplay is fun and easy to get started, and has the characteristic of being unable to stop stimulating. It can quickly gather popularity and attract attention in a short period of time. By sliding a bowling ball to win the lottery, the more points you score, the more tickets you will receive! Perfect for parents and children or friends to enjoy together.
How to play?
1. Input game coins, open the fairway, and release the ball;
2. Slide the bowling ball into the scoring hole within a limited time frame;
3. When the score reaches a certain value, the corresponding number of lottery tickets can be redeemed.
4. If the value exceeds the JP prize, you will receive a surprising number of lottery tickets.
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