What Is Human Claw Machine

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What is human claw machine?
A human claw machine is a life-sized version of the classic arcade game. Instead of a mechanical claw, a human participant is suspended above a pit filled with prizes. The participant is then lowered into the pit using a harness, and they must use their coordination and skill to grab a prize before being lifted out. It's a fun and interactive twist on the traditional claw machine game, often seen at events and amusement parks.

The main components of a human claw machine typically include:
1. Harness: A safety harness worns by the participant to secure them during the game.
2. Overhead Structure: A sturdy frame or structure from which the participant is suspended and lowered into the pit.
3. Prize Pit: A pit filled with prizes, often plush toys or other small items, which the participant aims to grab.
4. Controls: Mechanisms or ropes that allow the operator to lower and lift the participant into and out of the prize pit.
5. Operator's Station: A control panel or area where an operator oversees the game and controls the movements of the participant.
These components come together to create an entertaining and interactive experience for participants and spectators alike.

Size  3*3*3M
Material Carbon steel, galvanized, plastic, multi-layer density board, PVC soft package
Standard accessories Hanging basket 1 pcs
Sling 1 pcs
glove 1 pair
Safety helmet 1 pcs
electrical machinery 1 pcs
Console 1 pcs
Step ladder 1 pcs
Advertising lights 1 pcs

How to play giant human claw machine?
1. Usually select a child with a lighter weight to grab the doll. And the parents to operate the machine. The child with a lighter weight will make the machine easier to control, and their parents to operate the machine because they will be very careful to guarantee the safety of their child.
2. Take safety measures well, and then keep a safe distance from the bottom to ensure that there will be no problem with falling;
3. For small children, need to pay special attention. They are swinging and there may be hard objects below, and it is best to be watched by someone nearby;
4. When everything is ready, control the machine to move the player to the top of the prize, and then put the down down to grab the prize;
5. To increase the difficulty and fun of grasping gifts, can move the objects below or increase the shaking intensity;
6. The objects below may be obstacles, and can also put blindfolds on the player’s eyes, to increase the freshness and fun of the game;

Features of human claw machine

  • Interactive Experience: Participants can physically interact with the game, adding an element of excitement and fun.
  • Real-Time Control: The operator can control the movements of the participant, making the game challenging and engaging.
  • Safety Measures: The use of a safety harness ensures the safety of the participant during the game.
  • Prize Variety: The pit is filled with a variety of prizes, offering participants a range of options to grab.
  • Entertainment Value: The human claw machine provides entertainment for both participants and spectators, making it a popular attraction at events and amusement parks

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