Commercial Custom Design Big Indoor Trampoline Park

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EPARK, a manufacturer of trampoline parks and family entertainment centers, is the builder and park franchiser of the Trampoline Park.
We look forward to building more family entertainment centers to bring healthy happiness to families.
Name Commercial Custom Design Big Indoor Trampoline Park
Space Size 2'000 sqm
Attractions Free Jump, High Jump, Swing Bridge, Velcro Wall, Tap Fun, Donut Slide, Big Slides, Ninja Course, Trapeze, Adventure Rope Course, Interactive Basketball.
Target Group Teenagers, young adults:
Design Service Park equipment 3D design + interior design

Trampoline Park
Trampoline park is completely different from fitness rooms and indoor amusement parks. It is a fitness park suitable for the whole family to enjoy together.
Trampoline sports have a rich and interesting nature, which can relieve stress and delight the body and mind during the jumping process. You can compete with your partner at various levels and be sure to warm up before breaking through the level. A small warm-up is useful, not only to prevent muscle strain, but also to dredge muscles and bones, which is beneficial for exercising your hands and feet.
You can enjoy the fun of competition in sports, without considering gravity or being afraid of falling, because underneath is a 1.2m high sponge pool, falling into it is like being in a sea of clouds in heaven, which is very soft and comfortable, and it's hard to remember being trapped inside. Trampoline exercise is a very test of human balance, coordination, and muscle explosive power, which can promote bone growth and brain development. shake.
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Company Profile

EPARK is a leading company in Manufacturing & Selling soft playground ,trampoline park arcade game machine and advertising machine in and abroad China. With R&D,manufacture and sales of amusement equipment, at the same time, we offer OEM and ODM service.
EPARK has been verified onsite by world-leading inspection company,SGS Group.

Our Workshop

1.Do you provide a Warranty for your Game Machines?
**We provide 1 Year Warranty of the main accessories of our Game Machines.We know, for the Game Machines customers,time is Money.Before delivering the Game Machines to you,we will check every quality details
and send videos or photos for you to confirm.

2.How can I solve the Game Machines malfunction?
**Please show us what problem happened,then our professional technicians will provide you solution in 24 hours.According to the Game Machines we sold,we gave small accessories kit for free.If you need to replace the main part,we only charge its cost friendly. Doing Win-Win business happily is the aim of EPARK.

3.Custom design available?
**Product features,such as Game Machine Cabinet,Claw crane size,Company logo,Color,etc, are welcome.
**Product parameters,such as Coins,Coin collectors,Voltage,Plug,etc, are welcome.

4.Normally how long is your product life cycle?
**At least 3 years.Normally it takes you only 2 to 3 months to earn the cost back.
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