Coin Operated for Shopping Mall Token Gashapon Toy Capsule Vending Machine Coin Operated Games

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A claw crane, toy crane, skill crane, or sometimes called it claw machine is a type of arcade game known as a merchandiser, commonly found in video arcades, supermarkets, restaurants, movie theaters, shopping malls, and bowling alleys.
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    arcade machine
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    US PLUG 
Coin Operated for Shopping Mall Token Gashapon Toy Capsule Vending Machine Coin Operated Games
Place of Origin Guangdong, China 
Brand Name EPARK
Type gift game machine
Size W80*D88*H209cm
Material Wooden Frame
Player 1
Power 450W
Delivery time 7-15 days 

Gift Game Machine
As a leisure and entertainment facility that can bring people relaxation and happiness, doll machines have become increasingly popular in recent years. The characteristics of a doll machine are diverse toys, novel styles, cute shapes, and bright colors. Players try to grab the doll and remove it by depositing coins and controlling the gripper arm, which greatly tests their hand eye coordination ability. Compared to traditional arcade games, doll machines are more relaxed and suitable for players of all ages.
The fun of playing with a doll machine lies in the moment you grab your favorite toy, and successfully taking away the doll fills you with a sense of achievement. Compared to that, failure does not have much regret, as the price of the doll machine is relatively low, equivalent to a small investment. In addition, due to the strong interactivity of the doll machine, multiplayer competitions are also very interesting. Playing in groups with friends and family increases close interaction and spiritual communication.
The gameplay of dolls is also increasing, and everyone can enjoy exploring in the game. To unleash their imagination, it is usually necessary to master the grasping skills within a specified time. Once the dolls are grabbed out of the grasping machine, they can receive corresponding rewards as long as they pass the level. Sometimes players need to observe the center of gravity of the doll first, and only by accurately grasping it can they smoothly remove the toy. Some players also need to drop the toy into a specific location when controlling the gripper to consider successful grasping.

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