EPARK 40HQ Container Shipped To Cambodia

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Update time : 2023-03-30 17:54:43
Today, one 40HQ cabinet was packed into a truck and started to move towards Cambodia. There are many game equipment and entertainment

facilities in this cargo ship, including swing cars, hockey and dance machines.
The purpose of these game devices is to bring more entertainment and fun to Cambodian children. For example, the swing car not only allows

children to experience the fun of shaking and rotating, but also allows them to exercise physical coordination and balance. Hockey can bring

children more sports competition fun and spirit of cooperation. The dance machine can let children get exercise in joyful music.
The transportation and installation of these devices requires some professional teams to complete. The staff on this cargo ship are all trained

professionals. After they arrive in Cambodia, they need to remove the equipment one by one, install them and debug them. This process requires

great care and patience to ensure that these devices function properly.
Cambodia is a country full of hopes and dreams. These game equipment and entertainment facilities will give local children more fun and hope,

and let them grow up happily. We believe that this love and care will bring more changes and help to them.

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