EPARK New Product-1080 VR Simulator

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Update time : 2023-09-19 11:00:28
1080 VR Simulator is EPARK factory with design and utility Patents, it has three directions rotation 360 degrees, bringing the most exciting and thrilling VR experience, like enjoying the fun of a big pendulum or roller Coaster without going to the Amusement park, Same sense of weightlessness, a totally new Virtual Reality world.
1080 VR Simulator is EPARK brand brand-new VR simulator, which is suited for commercial amusement parks, indoor playgrounds, shopping malls, VR spaces, or someplace that attracts young people.
The 1080 Degree Roration can give you an immersive Roller Coaster and big Pendulum Experience.

Parameter for 1080 Degree Roller Coaster Immersive Simulator
Product Name 1080 VR Simulator
Display size 32 inch
Voltage 220V
Size 240*215*210CM
Games 10 pcs,  3–8 minutes, will add and update 
Warranty 12 months
Service 24-hour online, 24-hour after-sale service worldwide
Host Standard CPU: i5 6400
Mainboard: ASUS H110
Memory: 8G
Hard Disk: 240G
Graphics card: 1650ti 4G
Five Advantages You Worth to Order
1. 1080°Rotating, 360°Chair, 360° Chair Base, 360° Machine Base
2. Shoulder Safety Lock Device Most Safe, Simulated as the Amusement Park
3. Multi-Seat Belts Four-point, Feet belt, As safe as Possible
4. Wind Effect on your body, like a real Roller Coaster
4. Our production technology is excellent, for example, Sheet metal spraying, welding, and cutting the steel frame is smoother and thicker, and we focus on every detail.

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