New Ultra Boxing Punching Arcade Machine

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Update time : 2023-07-22 15:59:16
Prize redemption boxing machine – Play and Win!
Ultra Boxing is a punch measurement machine that is designed around the original shape of an Ultra Boxing. This unique design catches players’ attention and is one of the hottest and most popular coin-operated boxing machines on the market.

  • Free game mode
  • Difficulty levels
  • Works with bills, coins and tokens
  • Works with coin- and bill acceptor simultaneously
  • Unbreakable record setting
  • Manual high score resetting
  • Solid mechanism
  • Electronic coin acceptor included
  • Green technology
  • Extra safe cash box
  • Custom design ready (promotional purposes)

    The principle of arcade boxing machines
    The principle of an arcade boxing machine is based on the interaction between a robotic arm and a sensor. The player applies force to the control lever on the machine, which causes the robotic arm to move and hit the sandbag. The sensor detects the force and speed of the impact and converts it into a score. Some advanced arcade boxing machines may also have electronic scoreboards and sound effects to enhance the gaming experience.
    What are the scoring rules for boxing machines?
    The scoring rules of a boxing machine are usually calculated based on the number of times a boxer hits a boxing bag within a specified time. The higher the score, the better the boxer’s boxing skills. Some boxing machines also calculate scores based on the location and strength of the hit. In addition, some boxing machines also offer various game modes and difficulty levels to meet the needs of different players.

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