How To Play Double Bowling Machine

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Update time : 2023-05-12 15:20:07
Pairs bowling refers to a group of two people who compete in a bowling alley. Each team takes turns throwing the ball, and the goal of each team is to knock down as many bottles as possible. The game usually lasts 10 rounds, with each player throwing once per round. The final score is the sum of the total points of the two teams. In the game, pitching skills and strategy are very important.
In the double bowling arcade game, players need to use the controller to throw the ball at the bowling pins and knock down as many pins as possible. Each round, players have two chances to bowl. If a player fails to knock down all the pins within two chances, they will be awarded a point for the round and their opponent can take over. In the game, the player can use different control techniques to manipulate the direction and strength of the ball to knock down as many bowling pins as possible. In the end, the player with the highest score wins.
To score a high score in the double bowling arcade game, you need to master the following skills:
1. Aim for the benches:
There are many wooden benches on the bowling lane with numbers marked next to them. These numbers represent the score for each bench, and aiming for the right bench and hitting it can lead to higher points.
2. Power Control:
It is very important to hit the ball with the power of your hands. Too heavy and you won't be able to steer, too light and you won't be able to slam down the pins. You need to master the appropriate strength and adjust it in due course.
3. Reduce the pins next to it:
Once the pins fall down, they won't be able to smash them next time. Of course, try not to throw the ball into the pins next to it, or you will lose points.
4. Observe the markings on the ground:
On many bowling lanes, there is a dolly track glued to the ground that goes from the beginning of the lane to the bottle. If you can hit this line of marks, you have a better chance of knocking all the pins down.
5. Pay attention to speed:
Speed is the key to success. Success depends not only on strength, but also on the speed of the ball to ensure accurate hitting of the target.
6. Slow down the shoulder pan:
When pitching, you can slow down the shoulder pan first, and then speed it up to help you hit the ball successfully.
7. Anticipate and Play:
When you take your first pitch, use your shoulder size to predict your chances of success. If you lack confidence, use your first pitch to test your skills and technique.
Overall, bowling requires a lot of practice to get a high score. If you practice the tips above and make adjustments as you go, you can expect higher scores.

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