What is an Automatic coin changer machine?

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Update time : 2023-05-13 15:17:17
The Automatic Coin Token Change Vending Machine is a machine that can automatically exchange coins or tokens. It is widely used in hundreds of millions of vending machines, arcade games, parking lots, and other commercial places and facilities. This article will provide you with an in-depth introduction to the machine’s functions, usage methods, and future development trends.
How does it work?
The machine has sensors that identify the type of bill being fed into it and transmit that information to a microprocessor. The Computer system then issues instructions to coin hoppers so they may dispense the correct coins. Similar mechanisms for taking money are used in coin-operated gaming and amusement equipment. Without a cashier around, these devices could instantly distribute the correct change.
Features of Machine
1. Identifying coins or tokens: The vending machine is equipped with devices that read coins or tokens, such as photoelectric sensors. When coins or tokens pass through these devices, the machine will automatically record their quantity and value.
2. Identifying the value of coins or tokens: Through optical, magnetic, and other methods, vending machines can identify different types of coins or tokens and calculate their value.
3. Exchange coins or tokens: Once the user chooses to exchange coins or tokens, the internal exchange device of the machine will automatically provide the correct quantity and value of coins or tokens to the user.
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